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The old metal hand rails were the first item to be removed from the surrounding deck area around this iconic Deck House in Wye River. We then went on to remove all of the old treated pine decking due to the inconsistency of levels and weathered and rotting timber.

After the deck was removed, we continued to work on the sub-frame consisting of beams and joists, firstly removing all of the badly damaged timber.

We then began to repair and quite often replace the old timber beams and joists with a new structure. Once all of the levels were completed, we continued with the beams and joists to finalise and brace the newly constructed sub-frame. 

The material used for the new deck was 140mm x 19mm Merbau timber. To finish the works, we fixed down the deck with stainless steel screws to properly brace the structure and neaten the overall look.

Due to the demolition of the old metal handrails, a new glass panelled balustrade fence was installed all around the deck area. re-frame and support the underlying beams. The glass panels were attached to stainless steel spigots which were screwed down on top of the deck.

A new slim stainless-steel handrail was mounted over the top of the glass panels so as to secure the straightness and ensure its strength.

All of the stainless-steel products utilized externally in Wye River were marine grade